Living Word Muskegon

Our Pastor


Pastor Timothy L. Cross is the senior pastor of Living Word Church since November of 1984. LWC is a cutting edge, intense, outreach oriented church doing its best to impact their area with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Pastor Cross was brought up in Southern Baptist Church in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  Although he went to church every Sunday for years he never truly made a commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ.  In December of 1978, at the age of 17, he had a very bad automobile accident, after a night of drunken partying. In this accident he realized that he was not right with the Lord and that if had died in that accident he would spend an eternity in hell.  A few months later after watching the 700 Club he prayed with Pat Robertson to receive the Lord Jesus into his life. A year or so later after hearing Pat Robertson say after you are saved you need to ask God to baptize you in the Holy Spirit, he went to a friend's house and received the Holy Spirit as his friend laid hands on him. From the time Pastor Cross was saved he had a strong desire to serve the Lord. He worked in his Baptist church, helping around the church and teaching classes. A few months later he went and helped at Youth For Christ in Kalamazoo. He became an associate staff member for one year. After he was filled with the Spirit he was not able to work with YFC any longer, so he became involved with a Bible Study that was lead by a man by the name of Bruce Townsend. That Bible Study grew to become the original Conquering Faith Fellowship. Pastor Cross and his wife Sondra were two of the three original members of CFF in Kalamazoo. After that church started in October of 1980, in April of 1983, an associate minister was needed. At that time Pastor Cross went on staff. He worked there until June of 1985. During his time there he oversaw the financial administration, the home groups, the ministry of helps and pioneered a Christian school. CFF of Kalamazoo had been sending people to Muskegon to start a church in this area. Pastor Cross came to help the church in November of 1984. As he drove home his heart cried for the city. God began to deal with his heart to come to Muskegon, which God confirmed through his pastor and others. He moved to Muskegon in March of 1986 and began to pioneer the work of starting a new church.

In 1987 Pastor Cross realized that he needed some additional training, so he went to Supernatural Ministries Training Institute in Midland, Michigan. He graduated in 1989 and was an instructor at the school until it went totally to video. Pastor Cross has served as an area and state director for the International Convention of Faith Ministries. He has traveled to Honduras, Argentina, Germany, Peru, France, South Africa, England and Yugoslavia on mission trips. His pastor is Mark T. Barclay of Midland, Michigan, an internationally known minister. Pastor Cross currently serves on Dr. Barclay’s International Ministers Network board. Pastor Cross has traveled extensively around the world holding crusades, medical clinics, seminars and church services in various countries. He has ministered a great deal in prisons, as well as being involved with planting other churches. He is the author of a daily devotional and prayer journal called, Setting Your Mind On Things Above. He and his wife Sondra who have been married 36 years, have seven children, and two grandchildren.

Sondra Cross has worked along side her husband Tim Cross in ministry for 30 years.  She has seven wonderful children ranging from 31years to 16 years of which four are married.  She has 2 beautiful grand children!

Sondra is currently the Music Director of the Arts Council of White Lake and Co-Director of the White Lake Chamber Music Festival.  Having a dream and vision of great musical possibilities in the White Lake ares, she created the White Lake Chamber Music Society and joined with the ACWL in 2007 to build the music branch, impacting the area with great classical music.  She, along with her board of some of the top business, community, professional musicians, and leaders in Muskegon County, developed and administer the leading Junior Strings program in West Michigan, the White Lake Guitar Fest, the White Lake Chamber Music Festival, a lecture series, and a Classical Music Series.

Sondra received her Bachelor of Music from Western Michigan University in Music Performance. She was a member of the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra for 18 years, and performed with the Grand Rapids Symphony and Twin Lake Symphony.  She has taught privately for many years and has consistently had students go on to be music majors and pursue music after high school.  She currently performs with Solace, a flute/clarinet duo and Quint-essence, a woodwind quintet.  In addition, Sondra has been a substitute music teacher, instrumental sectional coach, and is currently a saxophone and clarinet instructor.

All of her children were homeschooled until 9th grade, with the last one choosing to homeschool through high school.  They all love the Lord and are involved in ministry in some way.  She is passionate  about continuing to grow and dream and believes that truly "nothing is impossible" with God!